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refactor(Publications): add a reference in the 'Articles' section

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- Wijayarathne D.B. & Coulibaly P. (2020). Identification of hydrological models for operational flood forecasting in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 27, 100646. doi: [j.ejrh.2019.100646](
- Zhong R., Zhao T. & Chen X. (2020). Hydrological model calibration for dammed basins using satellite altimetry information. Water Resources Research. doi: [10.1029/2020WR027442](
### 2022
- Jougla R. & Leconte R. (2022). Short-Term Hydrological Forecast Using Artificial Neural Network Models with Different Combinations and Spatial Representations of Hydrometeorological Inputs. Water 14. doi: [10.3390/w14040552](
### 2021
- Adane G.B., Hirpa B.A., Gebru B.M., Song C. & Lee W.-K. (2021). Integrating Satellite Rainfall Estimates with Hydrological Water Balance Model: Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in Awash River Basin, Ethiopia. Water 13. doi: [10.3390/w13060800](
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