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### 2021
- Adane G.B., Hirpa B.A., Gebru B.M., Song C. & Lee W.-K. (2021). Integrating Satellite Rainfall Estimates with Hydrological Water Balance Model: Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in Awash River Basin, Ethiopia. Water 13. doi: [10.3390/w13060800](
- Arabzadeh R., Aberi P., Hesarkazzazi S., Hajibabaei M., Rauch W., Nikmehr S., et al. (2021). WRSS: An Object-Oriented R Package for Large-Scale Water Resources Operation. Water 13. doi:[10.3390/w13213037](
- Astagneau P.C., Thirel G., Delaigue O., Guillaume J.H.A., Parajka J., Brauer C.C., et al. (2021). Technical note: Hydrology modelling R packages – a unified analysis of models and practicalities from a user perspective. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 25, 3937–3973. doi: [10.5194/hess-25-3937-2021](
- Bouaziz L.J.E., Fenicia F., Thirel G., de Boer-Euser T., Buitink J., Brauer C.C., et al. (2021). Behind the scenes of streamflow model performance. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 25, 1069–1095. doi: [10.5194/hess-25-1069-2021](
- Donegan S., Murphy C., Harrigan S., Broderick C., Foran Quinn D., Golian S., et al. (2021). Conditioning ensemble streamflow prediction with the North Atlantic Oscillation improves skill at longer lead times. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 25, 4159–4183. doi: [10.5194/hess-25-4159-2021](
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