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......@@ -111,6 +111,7 @@ output:
- Nicolle P., Andréassian V., Royer-Gaspard P., Perrin C., Thirel G., Coron L., et al. (2021). Technical Note – RAT: a Robustness Assessment Test for calibrated and uncalibrated hydrological models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2021, 1–22. doi: [10.5194/hess-2021-147](
- Piazzi G., Thirel G., Perrin C. & Delaigue O. (2021). Sequential Data Assimilation for Streamflow Forecasting: Assessing the Sensitivity to Uncertainties and Updated Variables of a Conceptual Hydrological Model at Basin Scale. Water Resources Research 57. doi: [10.1029/2020WR028390](
- Royer-Gaspard P., Andréassian V. & Thirel G. (2021). Technical note: PMR – a proxy metric to assess hydrological model robustness in a changing climate. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2021, 1–19. doi: [10.5194/hess-2021-58](
- Saadi M., Oudin L. & Ribstein P. (2021). Physically consistent conceptual rainfall–runoff model for urbanized catchments. Journal of Hydrology 599, 126394. doi: [10.1016/j.jhydrol.2021.126394](
- Schmidt-Walter P., Trotsiuk V., Meusburger K., Zacios M. & Meesenburg H. (2020). Advancing simulations of water fluxes, soil moisture and drought stress by using the LWF-Brook90 hydrological model in R. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 108023. doi: [10.1016/j.agrformet.2020.108023](
- Wijayarathne D.B. & Coulibaly P. (2020). Identification of hydrological models for operational flood forecasting in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 27, 100646. doi: [j.ejrh.2019.100646](
- Zhong R., Zhao T. & Chen X. (2020). Hydrological model calibration for dammed basins using satellite altimetry information. Water Resources Research. doi: [10.1029/2020WR027442](
......@@ -125,7 +126,6 @@ output:
- Llauca H., Lavado-Casimiro W., León K., Jimenez J., Traverso K. & Rau P. (2021). Assessing Near Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Products for Flood Simulations at Sub-Daily Scales in a Sparsely Gauged Watershed in Peruvian Andes. Remote Sensing 13, 826. doi: [10.3390/rs13040826](
- Llauca H., Lavado-Casimiro W., Montesinos C., Santini W. & Rau P. (2021). PISCO_HyM_GR2M: A Model of Monthly Water Balance in Peru (1981–2020). Water 13. doi: [10.3390/w13081048](
### 2020
- Adeyeri O.E., Laux P., Arnault J., Lawin A.E. & Kunstmann H. (2020). Conceptual hydrological model calibration using multi-objective optimization techniques over the transboundary Komadugu-Yobe basin, Lake Chad Area, West Africa. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 27, 100655. doi: [10.1016/j.ejrh.2019.100655](
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