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v1.0.10.1 GR2M now returns more explicit precipitation outputs names

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Package: airGR
Type: Package
Title: Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
Date: 2018-05-22
Authors@R: c(
person("Laurent", "Coron", role = c("aut", "trl")),
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ output:
### Release Notes (2018-05-22)
### Release Notes (2018-05-22)
......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ CreateRunOptions <- function(FUN_MOD, InputsModel, IndPeriod_WarmUp = NULL, IndP
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap", "Precip", "Prod", "Pn", "Ps", "AE", "Perc", "PR", "Q9", "Q1", "Rout", "Exch",
"AExch1", "AExch2", "AExch", "QR", "QRExp", "Exp", "QD", "Qsim"); }
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap","Precip","AE","Perc","P3","Exch","Prod","Rout","Qsim"); }
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap", "Precip", "AE", "Pn", "Perc", "PR", "Exch", "Prod", "Rout", "Qsim"); }
Outputs_all <- c(Outputs_all,"PotEvap","Precip","Qsim"); }
if("CemaNeige" %in% ObjectClass){
RunModel_GR2M <- function(InputsModel,RunOptions,Param){
NParam <- 2;
FortranOutputs <- c("PotEvap","Precip","AE","Perc","P3","Exch","Prod","Rout","Qsim");
FortranOutputs <- c("PotEvap", "Precip", "AE", "Pn", "Perc", "PR", "Exch", "Prod", "Rout", "Qsim")
if(inherits(InputsModel,"InputsModel")==FALSE){ stop("InputsModel must be of class 'InputsModel' \n"); return(NULL); }
......@@ -39,6 +39,26 @@ GR2M X2 \tab groundwater exchange coefficient [-] \cr
[list] list containing the function outputs organised as follows:
\emph{$DatesR } \tab [POSIXlt] series of dates \cr
\emph{$PotEvap } \tab [numeric] series of input potential evapotranspiration [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$Precip } \tab [numeric] series of input total precipitation [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$AE } \tab [numeric] series of actual evapotranspiration [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$Pn } \tab [numeric] series of net rainfall (P1) [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$Perc } \tab [numeric] series of percolation (P2) [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$PR } \tab [numeric] series of PR=Pn+Perc (P3) [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$Exch } \tab [numeric] series of potential exchange between catchments [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$Prod } \tab [numeric] series of production store level [mm] \cr
\emph{$Rout } \tab [numeric] series of routing store level [mm] \cr
\emph{$Qsim } \tab [numeric] series of simulated discharge [mm/month] \cr
\emph{$StateEnd} \tab [numeric] states at the end of the run (res. levels, UH1 levels, UH2 levels) [mm], \cr\tab see \code{\link{CreateIniStates}} for more details \cr
(refer to the provided references or to the package source code for further details on these model outputs)
Function which performs a single run for the GR2M monthly lumped model over the test period.
......@@ -169,9 +169,9 @@ C Variables storage
MISC( 1)=E ! PE ! [numeric] observed potential evapotranspiration [mm/month]
MISC( 2)=P ! Precip ! [numeric] observed total precipitation [mm/month]
MISC( 3)=AE ! AE ! [numeric] actual evapotranspiration [mm/month]
MISC( 4)=P1 ! P1 ! [numeric] net rainfall (P1) [mm/month]
MISC( 5)=P2 ! P2 ! [numeric] percolation (P2) [mm/month]
MISC( 6)=P3 ! P3 ! [numeric] P3=P1+P2 [mm/month]
MISC( 4)=P1 ! Pn ! [numeric] net rainfall (P1) [mm/month]
MISC( 5)=P2 ! Perc ! [numeric] percolation (P2) [mm/month]
MISC( 6)=P3 ! PR ! [numeric] P3=P1+P2 [mm/month]
MISC( 7)=EXCH ! EXCH ! [numeric] groundwater exchange (EXCH) [mm/month]
MISC( 8)=St(1) ! Prod ! [numeric] production store level (St(1)) [mm]
MISC( 9)=St(2) ! Rout ! [numeric] routing store level (St(2)) [mm]
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