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ci(regression tests): remove excpetions because all news are now on the CRAN (v1.6.9.27)

Refs !28, e01ed232
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......@@ -3,28 +3,6 @@
# The format of this file is: 5 lines of comments followed by one line by
# ignored variable : [Topic]<SPACE>[Variable].
# Example for ignoring OutputsModel variable produced by example("RunModel_GR2M"): RunModel_GR2M OutputsModel
RunModel_GR1A BasinObs
RunModel_GR1A ConvertFun
RunModel_GR1A NewTabSeries
RunModel_GR1A NewTimeFormat
RunModel_GR1A OutputsModel
RunModel_GR1A TabSeries
RunModel_GR1A TimeFormat
RunModel_GR1A YearFirstMonth
RunModel_GR2M BasinObs
RunModel_GR2M ConvertFun
RunModel_GR2M NewTabSeries
RunModel_GR2M NewTimeFormat
RunModel_GR2M OutputsModel
RunModel_GR2M RunOptions
RunModel_GR1A OutputsModel
Calibration_Michel CalibOptions
Calibration CalibOptions
CreateCalibOptions CalibOptions
# New version of the SeriesAggreg function
RunModel_GR2M TabSeries
RunModel_GR2M TimeFormat
SeriesAggreg BasinInfo
SeriesAggreg BasinObs
SeriesAggreg NewTabSeries
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