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v1.0.4 code of Calibration() function has been cleaned

parent b5695d79
Calibration <- function(InputsModel,RunOptions,InputsCrit,CalibOptions,FUN_MOD,FUN_CRIT,FUN_CALIB=Calibration_Michel,FUN_TRANSFO=NULL, verbose = TRUE){
return( FUN_CALIB(InputsModel,RunOptions,InputsCrit,CalibOptions,FUN_MOD,FUN_CRIT,FUN_TRANSFO, verbose = verbose) )
Calibration <- function(InputsModel, RunOptions, InputsCrit, CalibOptions, FUN_MOD, FUN_CRIT, FUN_CALIB = Calibration_Michel, FUN_TRANSFO = NULL, verbose = TRUE) {
return(FUN_CALIB(InputsModel, RunOptions, InputsCrit, CalibOptions, FUN_MOD, FUN_CRIT, FUN_TRANSFO, verbose = verbose))
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