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### Release Notes (2021-03-02) ### Release Notes (2021-03-02)
#### New features
- `CreateInputsModel()` gains a `QupstrUnit` argument in order to manage the unit of the flow in the `Qupstream` argument in case of the use of a semi-distributed version of a hydrolohical model. ([#110](
- `RunModel_Lag()` gains a `QcontribDown` argument containing the time series of the runoff contribution of the downstream sub-basin in case of the use of a semi-distributed version of a hydrolohical model. ([#109](
#### Bug fixes
- Fixed bug in `RunModel`. The `RunModel_Lag()` can now be passed to the `FUN_MOD` argument. ([#108](
- Fixed bug in `RunModel_Lag()`. The function no longer returns two values for a single time step run. ([#102](
- Fixed bug in `RunModel_Lag()`. The `StateEnd` value is now correct when there are more than a single upstream basin. ([#103](
- Fixed bug in `RunModel_Lag()`. The `StateEnd` value is now correct if upstream flow units is the mm/time step. ([#104](
- Fixed bug in `RunModel_CemaNeigeGR5H()`. The solid precipitation are now take into account in the GR5H model. ([#105](
- Fixed bug in `RunModel_CemaNeige()` and `CreateInputsModel()`. `RunModel_CemaNeige()` now runs at the hourly time step. ([#106](
- Fixed the 'param_optim' vignette. The starting points used for the multi-start approach are now in the transformed space.([#101](
#### Major user-visible changes
- `LengthHydro` must now be set in kilometers (not anymore in meters) in the `CreateInputsModel()` function. ([#112](
- `TransfoParam_GR5H()` now use the same transformation as `TransfoParam_GR4H()` fo the X1 parameter. The previous transformation set by Ficchì seems unnecessary as it provokes irrealistically high X1 values. ([#50](
#### Minor user-visible changes
- The `RunModel*()` functions now run faster. The computation times are significantly shorter for long times series with many time steps (e.g. hourly times series), due to a better management of the missing values in and out the Fortran codes. Only simulation computation times have been improved (it is largely invisible to the user for calibration computation times). ([#113](
- The external calibration algorithms used in 'param_optim' and 'param_mcmc' vignettes now run faster. The `RunModel_*()` used during the parameter estimation process now run faster because the outputs contain only the simulated flows (see the `Outputs_Sim` argument in the `CreateRunOptions()` help page).
#### Version control and issue tracking
- The CI pipelines now fail when the checks return a warning message (and not just an error message). ([#86](
- The reverse dependencies packages (e.g. the 'airGRteaching' or the 'airGRdatassim') are now checked by the CI pipelines. ([#86](
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