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#   man/RunModel.Rd
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......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
\title{Run with the provided hydrological model function}
......@@ -16,8 +15,6 @@ Function which performs a single model run with the provided function over the s
RunModel(InputsModel, RunOptions, Param, FUN_MOD, ...)
%\method{[}{OutputsModel}(x, i)
......@@ -31,11 +28,6 @@ RunModel(InputsModel, RunOptions, Param, FUN_MOD, ...)
\item{FUN_MOD}{[function] hydrological model function (e.g. \code{\link{RunModel_GR4J}}, \code{\link{RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J}})}
\item{...}{(optional) arguments to pass to \code{FUN_MOD}}
%\item{x}{[InputsModel] object of class InputsModel}
%\item{i}{[integer] of the indices to subset a time series or [character] names of the elements to extract}
\item{...}{Further arguments to pass to the hydrological model function. See \code{\link{RunModel_Lag}} for example}
  • The check crashes with this message:

    > if (length(devtools::check_failures(path = Sys.getenv("BUILD_LOGS_DIR"), note = FALSE)) > 0) stop()
    Erreur : 'check_failures' n'est pas un objet exporté depuis 'namespace:devtools'
    Exécution arrêtée

    Really? WTF!

  • I have seen. Has the version of R changed on the CI?

  • Nope. Nothing has changed. But it really seems to be an issue with the R version installed on the server.

    I'm currently updating "patched version" because it still was v4.0.0 that I had compiled myself last year. I added the cran repository on my debian and update to v4.0.5 to not depend on a compiled version of R from source which is always a real challenge to manage...

    I keep you in touch.

  • Something also seems to have affected airGRdatassim.

  • I said bullshit, airGRdatassim CI runs on the Lyon's runner...

  • Found why in

    devtools 2.4.0

    Breaking changes and deprecated functions

    The check_results() function has been removed. It was not used by any CRAN package, and much better alternatives are available in the rcmdcheck package.

  • I'm searching for an alternative in rcmdcheck package...

    I really didn't need that at this moment...

  • Temporarily, the easiest way is probably to install the previous version of 'devtools' on the server, isn't it?

  • It seems that I have solved this issue (and by the way again simplified the CI process):

    Like the French people say: "Encore une victoire de canard!" 🦆

  • mentioned in commit in-wop/inwopusages@0af2c59e

    Toggle commit list
  • mentioned in commit in-wop/airGRiwrm@bb3e10dc

    Toggle commit list
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