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docs(NEWS): add missing item in the Release Notes

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......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ ________________________________________________________________________________
- Added the diagram of GR5H in the `RunModel_GR5H()` documentation. ([#49](
- The `Exch` was renames `AExch` in the `RunModel_GR2M()` output. ([#87](
- Added 'Es' and 'Ps' on the GR2M diagram available in the `RunModel_GR2M()` help page. ([#88](
- The `plot.OutputsModel()` function does not check anymore the time step by comparing the calculation of the difference of the last two time steps because it is already checked by the class of the `OutputsModel` object, which is therefore assumed to be necessarily valid. ([#56](
#### Version control and issue tracking
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