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Merge branch '90-fix-incorrect-parameter-transformation-for-x5-in-gr5j' into 'dev'

Resolve "Fix incorrect parameter transformation for X5 in GR5J"

Closes #90

See merge request !42
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......@@ -47,6 +47,12 @@ TransfoParam_CemaNeigeHyst(ParamIn, Direction)
\item{FUN_TRANSFO}{[function] model parameters transformation function (e.g. \code{TransfoParam_GR4J}, \code{TransfoParam_CemaNeige})}
The transformation functions proposed in airGR for calibrating the GR models result from numerous testings at INRAE-Antony (HYCAR Research Unit, France). The proposed transformations were obtained with the Calibration_Michel algorithm and may differ for the same parameter of different models (e.g. X5 in GR5J and GR6J).
\emph{ParamOut} [numeric] matrix of parameter sets (sets in line, parameter values in column)
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