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Formatting CreateInputsModel documentation

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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ CreateInputsModel(FUN_MOD, DatesR, Precip, PotEvap = NULL, TempMean = NULL,
NLayers = 5, verbose = TRUE)
\item{FUN_MOD}{[function] hydrological model function (e.g. RunModel_GR4J, RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J)}
\item{FUN_MOD}{[function] hydrological model function (e.g. \code{RunModel_GR4J}, \code{RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J})}
\item{DatesR}{[POSIXt] vector of dates required to create the GR model and CemaNeige module inputs}
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