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test: Add a failing test for issue on aggregating from and to the same time step

Refs #73, #41
parent 91ff6627
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......@@ -186,3 +186,14 @@ test_that("Check data.frame handling in SeriesAggreg.list", {
expect_warning(SeriesAggreg(InputsModelDown1, "%Y%m"),
regexp = "it will be ignored in the aggregation")
test_that("SeriesAggreg from and to the same time step should return initial time series", {
InputsModel <- CreateInputsModel(
FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J,
DatesR = BasinObs$DatesR,
Precip = BasinObs$P,
PotEvap = BasinObs$E
I2 <- SeriesAggreg(InputsModel, "%Y%m")
I3 <- SeriesAggreg(I2, "%Y%m")
expect_equal(I2, I3)
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