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#4198 if a log scale is used for flows, the scale is expressed in raw values

parent 440096b2
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ plot_OutputsModel <- function(OutputsModel, Qobs = NULL, IndPeriod_Plot = NULL,
txtleg <- NULL; colleg <- NULL;
if(BOOL_Qobs){ lines(Xaxis,DATA2[IndPeriod_Plot],lwd=lwdLine,lty=1,col="black"); txtleg <- c(txtleg,"observed"); colleg <- c(colleg,"black"); }
if(BOOL_Qsim){ lines(Xaxis,DATA3[IndPeriod_Plot],lwd=lwdLine,lty=1,col="orangered"); txtleg <- c(txtleg,"simulated"); colleg <- c(colleg,"orangered"); }
axis(side=2,at=pretty(ylim1),labels=round(exp(pretty(ylim1)), 2),cex.axis=cexaxis)
par(las=0); mtext(side=2,paste("flow ",plotunit,sep=""),line=lineY,cex=cexlab); par(las=0);
Factor <- Factor_UNIT_M3S;
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