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Thanks, we see:

* checking re-building of vignette outputs ... [10m] OK

Please reduce runtime drastically, e.g. by providing precomputed results
for the onger running parts.

Is there some reference about the method you can add in the Description
field in the form Authors (year) <doi:.....>?

Uwe Ligges
Dear Uwe (and Kurt),


We made modifications to reduce runtime to build vignettes. We hope that it is now OK.


About references, as we say you the last time, all the references relative to our models are already in the airGR.Rd file.

In the Description field of the DESCRIPTION file we have also already this sentence: “Use help(airGR) for package description” that we change into “Use help(airGR) for package description and references.”

As I say to you last time, I think it is enough like that, and to avoid the Description text being difficult to read, but if you think that it is necessary, we can add it.


I will submit the new version of the airGR package.


We apologize for all these difficulties…


I saw that the airGR package has been removed from the CRAN, perhaps because of a minor problem identified on a vignette that posed difficulties for checking under some Linux distributions (as Kurt Hornik had pointed out to us). This new submission was intended to solve this problem.

We hope that it will be able to reintegrate it quickly, especially since our other airGRteaching package depends on airGR.


NB: You can see below the Reference part of our airGR.Rd file (with DOI, etc.):

##### References #####

- Le Moine, N. (2008). Le bassin versant de surface vu par le souterrain : une voie d'amélioration des performances et du réalisme des modèles pluie-débit ?, PhD thesis (in French), UPMC - Cemagref Antony, Paris, France, 324 pp. 
- Mathevet, T. (2005). Quels modèles pluie-débit globaux pour le pas de temps horaire ? Développement empirique et comparaison de modèles sur un large échantillon de bassins versants, PhD thesis (in French), ENGREF - Cemagref Antony, Paris, France, 463 pp. 
- Mouelhi S. (2003). Vers une chaîne cohérente de modèles pluie-débit conceptuels globaux aux pas de temps pluriannuel, annuel, mensuel et journalier, PhD thesis (in French), ENGREF - Cemagref Antony, Paris, France, 323 pp. 
- Mouelhi, S., C. Michel, C. Perrin and V. Andréassian (2006a). Stepwise development of a two-parameter monthly water balance model, Journal of Hydrology, 318(1-4), 200-214, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2005.06.014. 
- Mouelhi, S., C. Michel, C. Perrin. & V. Andreassian (2006b). Linking stream flow to rainfall at the annual time step: the Manabe bucket model revisited, Journal of Hydrology, 328, 283-296, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2005.12.022. 
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