On 21.01.2017 00:39, CRAN submission wrote:

Thanks, we see:

Reading CITATION file fails with
   package 'airGR' not found
when package is not installed.

* checking whether package 'airGR' can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
   Warning: GNU Extension: Different type kinds at (1)

* checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... NOTE
Author field differs from that derived from Authors@R
   Author:    'Laurent Coron, Charles Perrin, with contributions from
Vazken Andréassian, Pierre Brigode, Olivier Delaigue, Nicolas Le Moine,
Thibaut Mathevet, Safouane Mouelhi, Ludovic Oudin, Raji Pushpalatha,
Guillaume Thirel, Audrey Valéry. Based on earlier work by Claude Michel.'
   Authors@R: 'Laurent Coron [aut, trl], Charles Perrin [aut, ths],
Claude Michel [aut, ths], Vazken Andréassian [ctb, ths], Pierre Brigode
[ctb], Olivier Delaigue [cre, ctb], Nicolas Le Moine [ctb], Thibaut
Mathevet [ctb], Safouane Mouelhi [ctb], Ludovic Oudin [ctb], Raji
Pushpalatha [ctb], Guillaume Thirel [ctb], Audrey Valéry [ctb]'

* checking R code for possible problems ... NOTE
File 'airGR/R/Utils.R':
   .onLoad calls:

Package startup functions should use 'packageStartupMessage' to
   generate messages.
See section 'Good practice' in '?.onAttach'.

Please fix and resubmit.