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refactor(Publications): add a reference in the 'Articles' section

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......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ output:
- Gnann S.J., Coxon G., Woods R.A., Howden N.J.K. & McMillan H.K. (2021). TOSSH: A Toolbox for Streamflow Signatures in Hydrology. Environmental Modelling & Software 138, 104983. doi: [10.1016/j.envsoft.2021.104983](
- Golian S., Murphy C. & Meresa H. (2021). Regionalization of hydrological models for flow estimation in ungauged catchments in Ireland. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 36, 100859. doi: [10.1016/j.ejrh.2021.100859](
- Jackson-Blake L.A., Clayer F., de Eyto E., French A., Frías M.D., Mercado-Bettín D., et al. (2021). Opportunities for seasonal forecasting to support water management outside the tropics. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2021, 1–22. doi: [10.5194/hess-2021-443](
Hunter J., Thyer M., McInerney D. & Kavetski D. (2021). Achieving high-quality probabilistic predictions from hydrological models calibrated with a wide range of objective functions. Journal of Hydrology 603, 126578. doi: [10.1016/j.jhydrol.2021.126578](
- Jeantet A., Henine H., Chaumont C., Collet L., Thirel G. & Tournebize J. (2021). Robustness of a parsimonious subsurface drainage model at the French national scale. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2021, 1–33. doi: [10.5194/hess-2021-168](
- McDowell R.W., Simpson Z.P., Ausseil A.G., Etheridge Z. & Law R. (2021). The implications of lag times between nitrate leaching losses and riverine loads for water quality policy. Scientific Reports 11, 16450. doi: [10.1038/s41598-021-95302-1](
- Mercado-Bettín D., Clayer F., Shikhani M., Moore T.N., Frías M.D., Jackson-Blake L., et al. (2021). Forecasting water temperature in lakes and reservoirs using seasonal climate prediction. Water Research, 117286. doi: [10.1016/j.watres.2021.117286](
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