1. 30 Sep, 2022 1 commit
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      allow masking conditions to be specified on predictions · f31664dd
      Thibault Hallouin authored
      An earlier implementation of the masking conditions assumed that the
      conditions on streamflow would only be on the observations, but this is
      not always the case. For example, reliability scores cannot be done on
      the observed streamflow and need to be performed on the predicted
      streamflow. So this is now possible as the condition syntax is changed
      and now *q_obs*/*q_prd_median*/*q_prd_mean* in place of *q*.
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  8. 31 Aug, 2022 2 commits
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      implement functionality to generate temporal masks from conditions · b13d2f21
      Thibault Hallouin authored
      This functionality is inherited from `evalhyd-cli`. It allows the user
      to provide conditions as strings to specify how to generate temporal
      subsets. Conditions can be based on observed streamflow values (e.g.
      q>800, q<=120) or on time indices (e.g. to select particular events).
      This functionality is made available both for determinist and
      probabilist evaluation, unlike in  `evalhyd-cli` where it was only
      available for probabilist evaluation.
      This is documented in the docstrings, and new unit tests are written.
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  9. 30 Aug, 2022 2 commits
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      remove legacy derived_cast · cf730104
      Thibault Hallouin authored
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      move away from fully generic API for evald · 7ded7f39
      Thibault Hallouin authored
      The use of `xexpression` and template parameter was showing its limits
      as the data type could not be different between the different n-dim
      inputs (e.g. masks had to be as double rather than bool). Since there is
      no real need to be able to use `evald` on `xarray`, the genericity of
      its API is reduced so that it now expects inputs to be tensor only. The
      number of dimensions for the tensors becomes a template parameter.
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