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......@@ -4,39 +4,45 @@ import fr.cemagref.simaqualife.pilot.Pilot;
public class Time {
public static enum Season {
public static enum Season {WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, AUTOMN};
public Season getSeason(Pilot pilot){
public Season getSeason(Pilot pilot) {
return getSeason(pilot.getCurrentTime());
// use dans MyCSvObserver
public static Season getSeason(long time){
return Season.values()[(int)time% Season.values().length];
public static Season getSeason(long time) {
return Season.values()[(int) time % Season.values().length];
public long getYear(Pilot pilot){
return getNbYearFromBegin(pilot.getCurrentTime())+
((GridBasinNetwork) pilot.getAquaticWorld().getEnvironment()).getYearOfTheBegin();
public long getYear(Pilot pilot) {
return getNbYearFromBegin(pilot.getCurrentTime())
+ ((BasinNetwork) pilot.getAquaticWorld().getEnvironment()).getYearOfTheBegin();
public long getNbYearFromBegin(Pilot pilot){
public long getNbYearFromBegin(Pilot pilot) {
return getNbYearFromBegin(pilot.getCurrentTime());
// use dans MyCSvObserver
public static long getNbYearFromBegin(long time){
return (long) Math.floor(time / Season.values().length);
public static long getNbYearFromBegin(long time) {
return (long) Math.floor(time / Season.values().length);
* @return the duration of season (time step)
* @return the duration of season (time step)
* @unit year
public double getSeasonDuration(){
return 1./ Season.values().length;
public double getSeasonDuration() {
return 1. / Season.values().length;
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