Commit 9ee28bfa authored by Lambert Patrick's avatar Lambert Patrick
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getSuccessNumber faaster than getSuceesNumber2

I don't kwow why
parent 5c91dbc1
......@@ -177,8 +177,6 @@ public class ReproduceAndSurviveAfterReproductionWithDiagnose extends AquaNismsG
// effective temperature for reproduction (priority to the ANG value)
double tempEffectRep;
//CHECK if currentTemp can be removed
double currentTemp = riverBasin.getCurrentTemperature(group.getPilot());
if (Double.isNaN(group.getTempMinRep())){
tempEffectRep = Miscellaneous.temperatureEffect(riverBasin.getCurrentTemperature(group.getPilot()), tempMinRep, tempOptRep, tempMaxRep);
......@@ -271,8 +269,9 @@ public class ReproduceAndSurviveAfterReproductionWithDiagnose extends AquaNismsG
// survival after reproduction (semelparity or iteroparity) of SI (change the amount of the SI)
double biomass = 0.;
//survivalAmount = aleaGen.getSuccessNumber2(fish.getAmount(), survivalRateAfterReproduction);
survivalAmount = Miscellaneous.binomialForSuperIndividual(group.getPilot(), fish.getAmount(), survivalRateAfterReproduction);
survivalAmount = aleaGen.getSuccessNumber(fish.getAmount(), survivalRateAfterReproduction);
//survivalAmount = Miscellaneous.binomialForSuperIndividual(group.getPilot(), fish.getAmount(), survivalRateAfterReproduction);
// update the amount of fish or kill the fish if survival amount = 0
if (survivalAmount > 0) {// SUperindividu est encore vivant mais il perd des effectifs
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