Commit a71c81e1 authored by patrick.lambert's avatar patrick.lambert
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bug fix between male and female

parent fddefdd2
......@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ public class AnalyseSpawnerFeatures extends AquaNismsGroupProcess<DiadromousFish
result[i][0] = String.valueOf(entry.getKey().getBasin_id());
result[i][1] = entry.getKey().getName();
result[i][2] = String.valueOf(entry.getValue().getMean());
result[i][3] = String.valueOf(ageOfFemaleMemories.get(entry.getKey()).getMean());
result[i][3] = String.valueOf(ageOfMaleMemories.get(entry.getKey()).getMean());
result[i][4] = String.valueOf(primiparousMemories.get(entry.getKey()).getMean());
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