Commit e106446d authored by Poulet Camille's avatar Poulet Camille
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Chnages in fecundity parameter

parent ef27103b
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ public class ReproduceAndSurviveAfterReproductionWithDiagnose extends AquaNismsG
private double tempOptRep = 20. ;
private double eta = 2.4; // parameter linking surface of a basin and S_etoile
private double ratioS95_S50 = 2.;
private double a=135000.; // Parameter of fecndity (number of eggs per individual)
private double a=270000.; // Parameter of fecndity (number of eggs per individual) Modifié depuis la valeur initial de tHibault, qui était 135000
private double delta_t=0.33; // duration of the mortality considered in the reproduction process (ex.: from eggs to juvenile in estuary for alosa alosa = 0.33)
private double survOptRep = 0.0017;
private double lambda = 0.00041;
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