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fix(e2e): add tempos to reset-param-mode.e2e-spec.ts to prevent CI failure

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......@@ -16,17 +16,21 @@ describe("ngHyd - check parameter mode is set to its previous value - ", () => {
it("when min/max/list values dialog is cancelled", async () => {
// start page
await listPage.navigateTo();
await browser.sleep(500);
// open PAB chute
await listPage.clickMenuEntryForCalcType(12);
await browser.sleep(500);
// click "calc" radio on Z1 parameter
const z1calcbtn = element("mat-button-toggle-3"));
await browser.sleep(200);
// click "var" radio on Z1 parameter
const z1varbtn = element("mat-button-toggle-2"));
await browser.sleep(200);
// click cancel button
const cancelbtn = element("btn-cancel"));
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