Commit dfe689d8 authored by Grand Francois's avatar Grand Francois
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test(e2e): check that an added structure has empty fields after the first structure is modified

refs #536
parent ec828fee
......@@ -163,4 +163,23 @@ describe("ngHyd - check that created/cloned structures have empty fields - ", ()
const emptys = [true, true, true];
await checkFields(inputIds, emptys);
it("when a structure is modified (input) and then a structure is added", async () => {
await setup();
// fill
const inp = calcPage.getInputById("0_ZDV");
await inp.clear();
await inp.sendKeys("1");
// copy structure
const addStruct = calcPage.getAddStructureButton();
await browser.sleep(200);
// check empty fields
const inputIds = ["1_ZDV", "1_L", "1_W", "1_CdGR"];
const emptys = [true, true, true, false];
await checkFields(inputIds, emptys);
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