Commit 9179b769 authored by Midoux Cedric's avatar Midoux Cedric
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parent 7b9e2b8f
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ join --check-order -t $'\t' -e NA -a1 -12 -21 -o 1.1,0,2.2 - work/ghostKOALA/KO_
sort -k1,1 \
> Table/KO_coassembly.tsv
echo -e "J80_A\tJ80_B\tJ177_A\tJ177_B\ttaxID_kaijuNR\ttaxID_name\tKO_ghostKOALA\tKO_name"> Table/digestomics.tsv
echo -e "gene\tJ80_A\tJ80_B\tJ177_A\tJ177_B\ttaxID_kaijuNR\ttaxID_name\tKO_ghostKOALA\tKO_name"> Table/digestomics.tsv
join --check-order -t $'\t' -e NA -a1 Table/count-genes_coassembly.tsv Table/taxName_coassembly.tsv | \
join --check-order -t $'\t' -e NA -a1 - Table/KO_coassembly.tsv \
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