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......@@ -7,7 +7,9 @@ The file called FrenchCropUsage_latest.owl is in owl/xml format.
The file called FrenchCropUsage_latest.rdf is in rdf format that can be used with skosplay.
FCU contains the class crop which is a defined class. Thus a reasoner like Hermit should be used to classify all the instances of skos:Concept that belongs to the scheme AgricultureRole as an instance of Crop.
FCU contains also the object property
FCU contains also the object property relatedCrop which should be used to link anything to a skos:Concept individual of FCU.
The thesaurus is available on the agroportal repository
The thesaurus was first used during the vespa project to index
French agricultural alert bulletins named "Plant Health Bulletins" or
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