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......@@ -25,13 +25,11 @@ on the Web (LOD version).
This version contains 314 individuals.
This version contains some crop from "the catalogue officiel des semences".
The file called usageCulture20201019.rdf is one of the version of 2020.
This version contains the Crop class subclass of skos:Concept. This version contains 381 individuals.
the version of 2020 is usageCulture20210112.owl
The file called usageCulture20210112.owl is the new version of the thesaurus fcu with owl/xml format.
The file called usageCulture20210112.rdf is the rdf version of fcu that can be used with skosplay.
This version contains 381 individuals.
This version does not contains the class crop.
This version contains the class crop which is a defined class. Thus a reasoner like Hermit should be used to classify all the instances of skos:Concept that belongs to the scheme AgricultureRole as an instance of Crop.
The gitlab wiki pages contain information about the development of
the thesaurus and its modelling choice.
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