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The grapevine scales dataset contains the phenological scales dedicated to grapevine: BBCH, Einhornn and Lorenz (EL), Baggiolini, IFV labels and Epicure.
IFV labels is a kind of BBCH stages selection. It was produced by IFV.
Epicure is the name of the database that store all grapevine observations. This database has created an extension of EL scale.
This dataset is an output of D2KAB project task 4.3.
The dataset populates the ontology ppdo uisng the stages of 5 scales.
The population process was made using Protégé Cellfie plugin.
All the files used during the generation of grapevine_scales.owl are stored in cellfie directory.
The dataset contains also the alignment between the 5 scales using skos mapping properties. Those alignement was validated by two domain experts from IFV: Xavier Delpuech and Marc Raynal.
the two pdf files untitled grapevineScalesMapping present those alignements.
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