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new version optimized with data cached

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import os
class Social:
......@@ -12,47 +14,97 @@ class Social:
These values were defined during reunions and with the review of our experts.
def __init__(self, initial_patches, cost_matrix_filename, bdv_threshold):
def __init__(self, initial_patches, patches_md5sum, cost_matrix_filename, cost_matrix_md5sum, bdv_threshold):
:param initial_patches Initial state of the patches (attributes cultugeopat and SURF_PARC required)
:param patches_md5sum md5 checksum of the input file of patches
:param cost_matrix_filename input file containing the matrix in CSV format (separator: \t)
:param bdv_threshold proportion of a cultural type needed for considering that this cultural type
is suffisantly present in the locality for ignoring the conversion cost.
self.patches_md5sum = patches_md5sum
self.matrice_transition = pd.read_csv(cost_matrix_filename, sep='\t',index_col=0)
self.cost_matrix_md5sum = cost_matrix_md5sum
self.bdv_threshold = bdv_threshold
self.initial_patches = initial_patches[['ID_PARCEL','cultgeopat']]
def compute_patches_transition_cost(self, initial_patches):
for bdv,grouped in initial_patches.groupby('Bdv'):
surfaces_initial = grouped.groupby('cultgeopat')['SURF_PARC'].sum()
cult_threshold = surfaces_initial > surfaces_initial.sum() * self.bdv_threshold
for culture in self.matrice_transition.columns.get_values():
for row in initial_patches.itertuples():
cost = 0.0
# patches that have different farming that others in same Bdv
if culture not in cult_threshold or not cult_threshold[culture]:
# patches that have different farming that others of the same farmer
if culture not in initial_patches[initial_patches['id_expl']==row.id_expl]['cultgeopat']:
cost = self.matrice_transition.loc[row.cultgeopat,culture]
costs.append([row.ID_PARCEL, row.cultgeopat, culture, cost])
self.patches_transition_cost = pd.DataFrame(costs, columns=['ID_PARCEL','initialcult','cultgeopat','cost'])
def save_patches_transition_cost(self, filename):
Save the matrix of costs computed for each patch and initial parameters in a file (npz format).
m = self.patches_transition_cost.values
np.savez(filename, bdv_threshold=self.bdv_threshold, patches_md5sum=self.patches_md5sum, cost_matrix_md5sum=self.cost_matrix_md5sum,
def load_patches_transition_cost(self, filename):
Load the matrix of costs and initial parameters from a file (npz format).
The correspondance will be checked between
class attributes and metadata stored in the file
loader = np.load(filename)
error_message = ('Matrix metadata {0} does\'nt correspond to metadata given at indicator construction'
'\n\t{0} in metadata: {1} while asked: {2}'
'\n\tmatrix filename: ') + filename
for k1,k2 in [[self.bdv_threshold,'bdv_threshold'],[self.patches_md5sum,'patches_md5sum'],[self.cost_matrix_md5sum,'cost_matrix_md5sum']]:
if k2 not in loader or k1!=loader[k2]:
raise ValueError(error_message.format(k2, dict(loader.items()).get(k2, 'NA'), k1))
self.patches_transition_cost = pd.DataFrame(loader['data'], columns=['ID_PARCEL','initialcult','cultgeopat','cost'])
def compute_indicator(self, scenario_patches):
:param initial_patches: Initial patches
:param scenario: The scenario to analyse
cost = 0
filter1 = pd.merge(
for bdv,grouped in filter1.groupby('Bdv'):
surfaces_initial = grouped.groupby('cultgeopat_y')['SURF_PARC'].sum()
cult_threshold = surfaces_initial > surfaces_initial.sum() * self.bdv_threshold
filter2 = grouped[grouped['cultgeopat_y'] != grouped['cultgeopat_x']]
for i,row in filter2.iterrows():
# patches that have different farming that others in same Bdv
if cult_threshold[row['cultgeopat_y']]:
# patches that have different farming that others of the same farmer
if row['cultgeopat_y'] not in filter1[filter1['id_expl']==row['id_expl']]['cultgeopat_x']:
cost += self.matrice_transition[row['cultgeopat_x']][row['cultgeopat_y']]
patches_altered = scenario_patches[scenario_patches['cultgeopat'] != scenario_patches['init_cult']]
cost = pd.merge(patches_altered, self.patches_transition_cost,on=['ID_PARCEL','cultgeopat'], how='left')['cost'].sum()
return 1/(1+cost)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import geopandas as gpd
patches = gpd.GeoDataFrame.from_file("../output/PAT_patches/PAT_patches.shp", encoding='utf-8')
social = Social(patches, '../resources/matrice_transition.csv', 0.1)
import time
import os
import hashlib
from MCMC import md5sum
# loading and initializing patches data
patches_filename = "../output/PAT_patches/PAT_patches.shp"
matrix_filename = '../resources/matrice_transition.csv'
patches = gpd.GeoDataFrame.from_file(patches_filename, encoding='utf-8')
patches = patches[patches['cultgeopat']!='Non Considérée']
patches['init_cult'] = patches['cultgeopat']
# init indicator
social = Social(patches, md5sum(patches_filename), matrix_filename, md5sum(matrix_filename), 0.1)
costs_filename = '../output/patches_transition_costs.npz'
if not os.path.isfile(costs_filename):
# computing init score
scenario_patches = patches.copy()
# should give 0.5 the cost for one transition to Protéagineux
scenario_patches['cultgeopat']='Fruits et légumes'
# small reallocation and computing score
scenario_patches.loc[1,'cultgeopat']='Fruits et légumes'
# should give 1/(1+1) the cost for one transition to Fruits et légumes
# computing with more reallocation
for N in [2000,5000,10000]:
for i in range(N):
print('{} {}'.format(N, social.compute_indicator(scenario_patches)))
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