Commit 4b9f5101 authored by Kunstler Georges's avatar Kunstler Georges
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ecocode output for TP only

parent 90e76830
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ source("R/analysis/")
format.all.output.lmer( = "NA.wwf.results.nolog.all.rds", = 'list.lmer.out.all.NA.simple.ecocode.rds',
models = c(model.files.lmer.Tf.2, model.files.lmer.Tf.4),
models = c(model.files.lmer.Tf.2),# model.files.lmer.Tf.4),
traits = c("SLA", "Wood.density", "Max.height"))
## format.all.output.lmer( = "NA.wwf.results.nolog.all.rds",
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