Commit 56f2680c authored by Dorchies David's avatar Dorchies David
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fix(CreateInputsModel): remove negative flow for data gap in Qupstream

- this element was added in first place because Qupstream didn't accept `NAs` in airGR. It's not the case anymore.

Refs #57
parent 0b8b6267
......@@ -99,7 +99,6 @@ CreateInputsModel.GRiwrm <- function(x, DatesR,
InputsModel <- CreateEmptyGRiwrmInputsModel(x)
Qobs[] <- -99 # airGR::CreateInputsModel doesn't accept NA values
for(id in getNodeRanking(x)) {
message("CreateInputsModel.GRiwrm: Treating sub-basin ", id, "...")
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