Commit e67fce1a authored by Dorchies David's avatar Dorchies David
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ci: fix path issue for rmarkdown rendering

- still windows non-sensitive file nam case issue...

Refs #23
parent bdca1b1e
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......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ RUN mkdir /build_zone
ADD . /build_zone
WORKDIR /build_zone
RUN R -e 'remotes::install_local(upgrade="never")'
RUN R -e 'cat(irmara:::app_sys("app/www/documentation/documentation.Rmd")); list.files(irmara:::app_sys("app/www/documentation"))'
RUN R -e 'rmarkdown::render(irmara:::app_sys("app/www/documentation/documentation.Rmd"))'
CMD R -e "options('shiny.port'=80,'');irmara::run_app()"
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