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Debug Bag of Cliques

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......@@ -8,61 +8,21 @@ import numpy as np
cimport numpy as np
import sys
from networkit import graph
from networkit.clique import MaximalCliques
def nx2nk(nxG, weightAttr=None):
Convert a networkx.Graph to a NetworKit.Graph
:param weightAttr: the edge attribute which should be treated as the edge weight.
# map networkx node ids to consecutive numerical node ids
idmap = dict((id, u) for (id, u) in zip(list(nxG.nodes), range(nxG.number_of_nodes())))
z = max(idmap.values()) + 1
# print("z = {0}".format(z))
if weightAttr is not None:
nkG = graph.Graph(z, weighted=True, directed=nxG.is_directed())
for (u_, v_) in nxG.edges():
u, v = idmap[u_], idmap[v_]
w = nxG[u_][v_][weightAttr]
nkG.addEdge(u, v, w)
nkG = graph.Graph(z, directed=nxG.is_directed())
for (u_, v_) in nxG.edges():
u, v = idmap[u_], idmap[v_]
# print(u_, v_, u, v)
assert (u < z)
assert (v < z)
nkG.addEdge(u, v)
assert (nkG.numberOfNodes() == nxG.number_of_nodes())
assert (nkG.numberOfEdges() == nxG.number_of_edges())
return nkG.removeSelfLoops(),idmap
def getClique(nx_graph):
if len(nx_graph) ==0 or not nx_graph:
return final_cliques
if not netkit_graph:
return final_cliques
idmap={v:k for k,v in idmap.items()}
for cl in cliques:
final_cliques.append(list(map(lambda x:idmap[x],cl)))
return final_cliques
class BagOfCliques():
def compare(graphs,selected):
from .base cimport Base,intersection
cdef class BagOfCliques(Base):
def __init__(self):
cpdef np.ndarray compare(self,list listgs, list selected):
#Compute cosine similarity
cdef int n=bog.shape[0]
cdef double[:,:] scores = np.zeros((n,n))
cdef np.ndarray scores = np.zeros((n,n))
cdef int i
for i in range(len(scores)):
if selected:
......@@ -89,13 +49,11 @@ class BagOfCliques():
if not g:
sys.stdout.write("\r{0}/{1} -- {2}".format(km,len_graphs,len(g)))
cliques = list(getClique(nx.Graph(g)))
# sys.stdout.write("\r{0}/{1} -- {2}".format(km,len_graphs,len(g)))
cliques = list(nx.enumerate_all_cliques(nx.Graph(g)))
#no clique found
cliques =[]
#cliques =[]
for clique in cliques:
cli_temp = copy.deepcopy(clique)
......@@ -160,15 +118,10 @@ class BagOfCliques():
gr = graphs[g]
vector = np.zeros(l_v)
cliques = list(getClique(nx.Graph(gr)))
cliques = list(nx.enumerate_all_cliques(nx.Graph(gr)))
for clique in cliques:
if hash in map_str_cliques:
vector[map_str_cliques[hash]] = 1
boc[g] = vector
return boc
def distance(self,matrix):
return 1-np.array(matrix)
def similarity(self,matrix):
return np.array(matrix)
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