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# Gmatch4py a graph matching library for Python
Gmatch4py is a library dedicated to graph matching. Graph structure are stored in NetworkX.Graph objects.
Gmatch4py is a library dedicated to graph matching. Graph structure are stored in NetworkX graph objects.
## List of algorithm
## Requirements
* Python3
* Cython
* networkit (for Bag of Cliques)
## Installation
First, compile the library by running this command:
$ python3 build_ext
Then, install the compiled module with:
$ pip3 install .
## Get Started
For now, every algorithms class is composed with a static method called `compare()`. `compare()` takes
two arguments :
* An array containing the graphs to compare
* An array containing indexes of graph you want to compare. Set to `None`, if you want to
measure the similarity/distance between every graphs.
## List of algorithms
* DeltaCon and DeltaCon0 (*debug needed*) [1]
* Vertex Ranking (*debug needed*) [2]
* Vertex Edge Overlap [2]
* Bag of Cliques (a bag of words model using cliques as vocabulary)
* Graph kernels
* Random Walk Kernel (*debug needed*) [3]
* Geometrical
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* [5] Fischer, A., Riesen, K., & Bunke, H. (2017). Improved quadratic time approximation of graph edit distance by combining Hausdorff matching and greedy assignment. Pattern Recognition Letters, 87, 55-62.
* [6] A graph distance metric based on the maximal common subgraph, H. Bunke and K. Shearer, Pattern Recognition Letters, 1998
## Authors
## Author(s)
Jacques Fize, *jacques[dot]fize[at]cirad[dot]fr*
Jacques Fize
Some algorithms coming from other projects were integrated to Gmatch4py. **Be assured that
each code is associated with a reference to the original.**
## TODO List
* Debug algorithms with --> (*debug needed*)
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* Debug algorithms with --> (*debug needed*)
* Improve code structure and performance
* Simplify ``
* Some algorithms are distance and others are similarity measure. Must change the compare
methods so it can adapt to the user need. For example, maybe the user want to deal with
graph similarity rather than distance between graph.
* Write the documentation
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......@@ -49,6 +49,6 @@ setup(
packages=["gmatch4py", "gmatch4py.ged", "gmatch4py.kernels"],
cmdclass={'build_ext': build_ext},
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