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Change name for validation section in Rmd

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......@@ -144,10 +144,10 @@ Map.Beta.Diversity(Input.Image.File, Output.Dir, Spatial.Res,
nbCPU = nbCPU, MaxRAM = MaxRAM)
# Validation
# $\alpha$ and $\beta$ diversity indices from vector layer
The folowing code computes $\alpha$ and $\beta$ diversity from field plots and extracts the corresponding diversity index from previouly computed rasters in order to have a validation analysis.
```{r Validation}
```{r alpha and beta diversity indices from vector layer}
# location of the spectral species raster needed for validation
TypePCA = 'SPCA'
Dir.Raster = file.path(Output.Dir,basename(Input.Image.File),TypePCA,'SpectralSpecies')
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