Commit 996576d6 authored by floriandeboissieu's avatar floriandeboissieu
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fix deploy on travis

parent eb6e278d
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ before_install:
- R -q -e 'if (getRversion() < "3.2" && !requireNamespace("curl")) install.packages("curl")'
- R -q -e 'remotes::install_github("ropenscilabs/tic", upgrade = "always"); print(tic::dsl_load()); tic::prepare_all_stages()'
- R -q -e 'tic::before_install()'
install: R -q -e 'tic::install()'
install: R -q -e 'tic::install();remotes::install_version("rmarkdown", "1.15")'
after_install: R -q -e 'tic::after_install()'
before_script: R -q -e 'tic::before_script()'
script: R -q -e 'tic::script()'
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