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remove deploy from appveyor (already in Travis)

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......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
[![Build Status](](
[![AppVeyor build status](](
# 1 Install
......@@ -9,36 +9,18 @@ init:
- ps: Bootstrap
- cmd: Rscript -e "writeLines('options(repos = \'\')', '~/.Rprofile')"
- cmd: Rscript -e "getOption('repos')"
- cmd: Rscript -e "if (!requireNamespace('remotes')) install.packages('remotes', type = 'binary')"
- cmd: Rscript -e "if (getRversion() < '3.2' && !requireNamespace('curl')) install.packages('curl', type = 'binary')"
- cmd: Rscript -e "options(pkgType = 'binary'); remotes::install_github('ropenscilabs/tic', upgrade = 'always'); print(tic::dsl_load()); tic::prepare_all_stages()"
before_build: Rscript -e "tic::before_install()"
build_script: Rscript -e "tic::install()"
after_build: Rscript -e "tic::after_install()"
before_test: Rscript -e "tic::before_script()"
test_script: Rscript -e "tic::script()"
on_success: Rscript -e "try(tic::after_success(), silent = TRUE)"
on_failure: Rscript -e "tic::after_failure()"
before_deploy: Rscript -e "tic::before_deploy()"
deploy_script: Rscript -e "tic::deploy()"
after_deploy: Rscript -e "tic::after_deploy()"
on_finish: Rscript -e "tic::after_script()"
# Adapt as necessary starting from here
# - 7z a *.Rcheck\*
# - appveyor PushArtifact
- 7z a *.Rcheck\*
- appveyor PushArtifact
# The example below will not work for your repository,
# you need to encrypt your own token.
# Please follow .
# secure: VXO22OHLkl4YhVIomSMwCZyOTx03Xf2WICaVng9xH7gISlAg8a+qrt1DtFtk8sK5
- install_deps
- run_tests
- path: '*.Rcheck\**\*.log'
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