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# Overview
`lidaRtRee` is an `R` package that provides functions for **forest analysis using airborne laser scanning** (lidar remote sensing) data: tree detection / segmentation and area-based approach. It includes complementary steps for forest mapping: extraction of both physical (gaps, edges, trees) and statistical features from lidar data, model calibration with ground reference, and maps export.
# Installation
* `R` >= 4.0.3 recommended, package `lidR` >= 3.1.0 required
* **build latest version from source** with the `devtools` package by running in an `R` console: `devtools::install_git("")`
* **windows installation with binary zip file of version 3.0.1**: run in an `R` console: `install.packages("")`
# Tutorials
**Tutorials** using `lidaRtRee` functions are available on the [lidaRtRee_tutorials]( repository, as `Rmarkdown` files, `html` and `pdf` files, and including datasets to run the code. The [wiki]( presents the different tutorials:
* [Tree detection](
* [Forest field plot coregistration with ALS data](
* [Forest gaps and edges detection](
* [Forest structure metrics computation and mapping](
* [Area-based approach for forest parameters estimation](
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