Commit 8c9d26ea authored by Lozac'h Loic's avatar Lozac'h Loic
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parent fb4df269
...@@ -373,7 +373,8 @@ def get_model4invertion(): ...@@ -373,7 +373,8 @@ def get_model4invertion():
with open(modelchoice) as mc: with open(modelchoice) as mc:
for line in mc: for line in mc:
sline = line.split(";") sline = line.split(";")
if sline[0] == sardate : dline = os.path.basename(sline[0]).split("_")[4].split("T")[0]
if dline == sardate :
return sline[2][:-1] return sline[2][:-1]
def short_pipeline(intersectionEnv): def short_pipeline(intersectionEnv):
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