Commit bdfa638e authored by Lozac'h Loic's avatar Lozac'h Loic
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parent 06c9f3ed
......@@ -361,8 +361,10 @@ def wet_or_dry_pipeline(args):
sardate = sardatetime.split("T")[0]
sar3dates = get_meteodates_from_sardate(sardate)
# process_gpm_noresampling(sar, sar3dates, args.gpmdir)
process_gpm(sar, sar3dates, args.gpmdir)
if args.resampling :
process_gpm(sar, sar3dates, args.gpmdir)
process_gpm_noresampling(sar, sar3dates, args.gpmdir)
res=select_tfmodel_from_gpm(sardate, args.gpmdir)
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