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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# eodag-sentinelsat, a plugin for searching and downloading products from Copernicus Scihub
# Copyright 2021, CS GROUP - France,
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
"""Sentinelsat plugin to EODAG."""
import ast
import logging
import zipfile
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.parser import isoparse
from eodag.api.search_result import SearchResult
from eodag.plugins.apis.base import Api
from import ODataV4Search
from eodag.utils import get_progress_callback
from eodag.utils.exceptions import MisconfiguredError, RequestError
from sentinelsat import SentinelAPI, SentinelAPIError
logger = logging.getLogger("eodag.plugins.apis.sentinelsat")
class SentinelsatAPI(Api, ODataV4Search):
SentinelsatAPI plugin.
Api that enables to search and download EO products from catalogs implementing the SchiHub interface.
It is basically a wrapper around sentinelsat, enabling it to be used on eodag.
We use the API to download data. Available keywords are:
[area, date, raw, area_relation, order_by, limit, offset, **keywords]
The keywords are those that can be found here:
def __init__(self, provider, config):
"""Init Sentinelsat plugin."""
super().__init__(provider, config)
self.api = None
def query(self, items_per_page=None, page=None, count=True, **kwargs):
Query for products.
:param product_type: (str) Product Type, not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:param kwargs: (dict) Metadata
:return: (list, int) List and number of queried products
eo_products = []
product_type = kwargs.get("productType", None)
if product_type is not None:
# Init Sentinelsat API (connect...)
# Modify the query parameters to be compatible with Sentinelsat query
query_params, provider_product_type = self.update_keyword(**kwargs)
# add pagination
pagination_params_str = self.config.pagination.get(
"next_page_query_obj", {}
skip=items_per_page * (page - 1),
pagination_params = ast.literal_eval(pagination_params_str)
# Query
results = self.api.query(**query_params)
# Create the storage_status field
for uuid, res in results.items():
res["storage_status"] = self.api.is_online(uuid)
# Normalize results skeletons (using providers.yml file)
eo_products = self.normalize_results(results.values(), **kwargs)
except TypeError:
import traceback as tb
# Sentinelsat api query method raises a TypeError for finding None in the json feed received
# as a response from the sentinel server, when looking for 'opensearch:totalResults' key.
# This may be interpreted as the the api not finding any result from the query.
# This is what is assumed here.
"Something went wrong during the query with self.api api:\n %s",
)"No results found !")
except SentinelAPIError as ex:
# TODO: change it to ServerError when ssat 0.15 will be published !
SentinelAPIError -- the parent, catch-all exception. Only used when no other more specific exception
can be applied.
SentinelAPILTAError -- raised when retrieving a product from the Long Term Archive.
ServerError -- raised when the server responded in an unexpected manner, typically due to undergoing
UnauthorizedError -- raised when attempting to retrieve a product with incorrect credentials.
QuerySyntaxError -- raised when the query string could not be parsed on the server side.
QueryLengthError -- raised when the query string length was excessively long.
InvalidKeyError -- raised when product with given key was not found on the server.
InvalidChecksumError -- MD5 checksum of a local file does not match the one from the server.
raise RequestError(ex) from ex
return eo_products, len(eo_products)
def download(self, product, auth=None, progress_callback=None, **kwargs) -> str:
Download product.
:param product: (EOProduct) EOProduct
:param auth: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:param progress_callback: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:param kwargs: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:return: Downloaded product path
prods = self.download_all(
# Manage the case if nothing has been downloaded
return prods[0] if len(prods) > 0 else ""
def download_all(
self, search_result, auth=None, progress_callback=None, **kwargs
) -> list:
Download all products.
:param search_result: A collection of EO products resulting from a search
:type search_result: :class:`~eodag.api.search_result.SearchResult`
:param auth: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:param progress_callback: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:param kwargs: Not used, just here for compatibility reasons
:return: List of downloaded products
# Init Sentinelsat API if needed (connect...)
# Download all products
prod_ids = [["uuid"] for prod in]
success, _, _ = self.api.download_all(
prod_ids, directory_path=self.config.outputs_prefix
# Only extract the successfully downloaded products
paths = [self.extract(prods) for prods in success.values()]
return paths
def extract(self, product_info: dict) -> str:
Extract products if needed.
:param product_info: Product info
:return: Path (archive or extracted according to the config)
# Extract them if needed
if self.config.extract and product_info["path"].endswith(".zip"):"Extraction activated")
with zipfile.ZipFile(product_info["path"], "r") as zfile:
fileinfos = zfile.infolist()
with get_progress_callback() as bar:
bar.max_size = len(fileinfos)
bar.unit = "file"
bar.desc = "Extracting files from {}".format(product_info["path"])
bar.unit_scale = False
bar.position = 2
for fileinfo in fileinfos:
zfile.extract(fileinfo, path=self.config.outputs_prefix)
return product_info["path"][: product_info["path"].index(".zip")]
return product_info["path"]
def _init_api(self) -> None:
"""Initialize Sentinelsat API if needed (connection and link)."""
if not self.api:
logger.debug("Initializing Sentinelsat API")
self.api = SentinelAPI(
except KeyError as ex:
raise MisconfiguredError(ex) from ex
logger.debug("Sentinelsat API already initialized")
def update_keyword(self, **kwargs):
"""Update keywords for SentinelSat API."""
product_type = kwargs.get("productType", None)
provider_product_type = self.map_product_type(product_type, **kwargs)
keywords = {k: v for k, v in kwargs.items() if k != "auth" and v is not None}
keywords["productType"] = provider_product_type
# Add to the query, the queryable parameters set in the provider product type definition
product_type_def_params = self.get_product_type_def_params(
product_type, **kwargs
k: v
for k, v in product_type_def_params.items()
if (
k not in keywords.keys()
and k in self.config.metadata_mapping.keys()
and isinstance(self.config.metadata_mapping[k], list)
qp, qs = self.build_query_string(product_type, **keywords)
# If we were not able to build query params but have search criteria, this means
# the provider does not support the search criteria given. If so, stop searching
# right away
if not qp and keywords:
qp = {}
self.query_params = qp
self.query_string = qs
# Overload of some parameters
# Cloud cover
if "cloudcoverpercentage" in qp:
qp["cloudcoverpercentage"] = [0, qp["cloudcoverpercentage"]]
# Date
if "start" in qp:
if "end" not in qp:
raise ValueError("Missing ending day")
qp["date"] = (
datetime.strptime(qp.pop("start"), "%Y-%m-%d"),
datetime.strptime(qp.pop("end"), "%Y-%m-%d"),
# Footprint
if "area" in qp and isinstance(qp["area"], list):
qp["area"] = qp["area"][0]
return qp, provider_product_type
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