Commit 1737786f authored by remi cresson's avatar remi cresson
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ENH: replace itk::StreamingFilter with our own

parent 6d90c185
...@@ -368,9 +368,6 @@ TensorflowMultisourceModelFilter<TInputImage, TOutputImage> ...@@ -368,9 +368,6 @@ TensorflowMultisourceModelFilter<TInputImage, TOutputImage>
RegionType outputAlignedReqRegion(outputReqRegion); RegionType outputAlignedReqRegion(outputReqRegion);
EnlargeToAlignedRegion(outputAlignedReqRegion); EnlargeToAlignedRegion(outputAlignedReqRegion);
// Add a progress reporter
itk::ProgressReporter progress(this, 0, outputReqRegion.GetNumberOfPixels());
const unsigned int nInputs = this->GetNumberOfInputs(); const unsigned int nInputs = this->GetNumberOfInputs();
// Create input tensors list // Create input tensors list
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