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......@@ -9,11 +9,17 @@ Applications can be used to build OTB pipelines from Python or C++ APIs.
- Training, supporting save/restore/import operations (a model can be trained from scratch or fine-tuned),
- Serving models with support of OTB streaming mechanism. Meaning (1) not limited by images sizes, (2) can be used as a "lego" in any OTB pipeline and preserve streaming, (3) MPI support available (use multiple processing unit to generate one single output image)
Below are some screen captures of deep learning applications performed at large scale with OTBTF.
<img src ="doc/pix2pix.png" />
<legend text-align: center>Transform a Spot-7 image into a Wikimedia Map (pix2pix)</legend>
<legend text-align: center>Image to image translation (Spot-7 image --> Wikimedia Map using CGAN)</legend>
<img src ="doc/landcover.png" />
<legend text-align: center>Landcover mapping (Spot-7 images --> Building map using semantic segmentation)</legend>
<img src ="doc/supresol.png" />
<legend text-align: center>Image enhancement (Enhancement of Sentinel-2 images at 1.5m using SRGAN)</legend>
You can read more details about these applications on [this blog](
# How to install
This remote module has been tested successfully on Ubuntu 18 and CentOs 7 with last CUDA drivers.
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