Commit e41a049d authored by Gaetano Raffaele's avatar Gaetano Raffaele
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ENH: some minor updates.

parent 85ddc693
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ def temporalSmoothing(fld,
if clip_left > 0 or clip_right > 0:
cmd = ['otbcli_BandMathX', '-il', fld+'/SmoothedSeries.tif', '-out', fld+'ClippedSmoothedSeries.tif','uint16','-exp']
cmd = ['otbcli_BandMathX', '-il', fld+'/SmoothedSeries.tif', '-out', fld+'/ClippedSmoothedSeries.tif','uint16','-exp']
clip_end = len(lst) - clip_right
with open(fld + '/dates.clipped.txt','wb') as cdf:
with open(fld + '/dates.txt','rb') as df:
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