Commit e47160b0 authored by Vincent Delbar's avatar Vincent Delbar
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ENH: renamed Dockerfiles and update README

parent ed0a1ea8
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ docker login
# OTB base image, example with tag 7.2.0 (default value is release-7.2)
# It is located in subregistry
docker build --build-arg OTB_BRANCH=7.2.0 -f docker/base-otb/Dockerfile \
docker build --build-arg OTB_BRANCH=7.2.0 -f docker/Dockerfile.base \
-t .
docker push
......@@ -117,13 +117,15 @@ docker push
# MORINGA build from the default 'moringa/base' image
# You don't need to rebuild OTB if you just want to update moringa files using current branch / local commits
#git checkout custom_branch
docker build -f docker/moringa/Dockerfile -t .
docker build -f docker/Dockerfile.moringa -t .
docker push
# Build with custom ubuntu base image
docker build --build-arg BASE_IMG=ubuntu:18.04 -f docker/base-otb/Dockerfile \
docker build --build-arg BASE_IMG=ubuntu:18.04 -f docker/Dockerfile.base \
-t .
docker push
docker build -f docker/Dockerfile.moringa ---build-arg \
-t .
### Fix volume ownership issue (required if host's UID > 1000)
......@@ -135,7 +137,7 @@ This will only persist in a named container, it is required every time you're cr
# Create a named container (here with your HOME as volume)
# Create a named container (here with your HOME as volume), Docker will automatically pull image
docker create --interactive --tty --volume /home/$USER:/home/ubuntu/data \
--name moringa /bin/bash
# Start a background container process (in order to exec root commands, because default user isn't sudoer)
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