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......@@ -13,38 +13,22 @@ GRM Library: Quick Start Tutorial
* Orfeo Toolbox library available here:
* Boost library
* CMake (version 2.8 minimum)
On Linux:
Step 1: copy the source code into your favorite directory. In the following we assume that
your path is PATH/grm/
your path is PATH/GRM_SRC/
Step 2: Go to PATH/grm/
Step 2: Create a binary directory: mkdir PATH/GRM_BIN/
Step 3: mkdir grm_build
Step 3: Go to the binary directory: cd PATH/GRM_BIN/
Step 4: cd grm_build/
Step 5: Generate the Makefile:
cmake \
-DOTB_DIR:PATH=/usr/lib/otb \
-DITK_DIR:PATH=/usr/lib/cmake/ITK-4.6 \
-DGDAL_CONFIG:FILEPATH=/usr/bin/gdal-config \
-DGDAL_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/usr/include/gdal \
Step 5: Generate the Makefile: ccmake ../GRM_SRC/
Step 6: make
Step 7: cd Applications | ./BaatzSegmentation --help
3 region merging criteria have been already implemented, up to you to add a new one.
If you are a generous man then you can send me a message to propose your new criterion
at the following email address:
Step 7: cd Applications | ./RegionMergingSegmentation
For more explanation about this library, go to this site:
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