Commit 30634814 authored by Cresson Remi's avatar Cresson Remi

COMP: remove compilation logs

parent 8ef489a5
Sorry, try again.
The command '/bin/sh -c export TF_ROOT=/work/tf && cd $TF_ROOT/tensorflow && bazel-bin/tensorflow/tools/pip_package/build_pip_package /tmp/tensorflow_pkg && pip3 install $(find /tmp/tensorflow_pkg/ -type f -iname "tensorflow*.whl") && ./tensorflow/contrib/makefile/ && mkdir -p /work/tf/installdir/lib && mkdir -p /work/tf/installdir/include && cp bazel-bin/tensorflow/ /work/tf/installdir/lib && cp bazel-bin/tensorflow/ /work/tf/installdir/lib && cp tensorflow/contrib/makefile/gen/protobuf/lib/libprotobuf.a /work/tf/installdir/lib && cp tensorflow/contrib/makefile/downloads/nsync/builds/default.linux.c++11/*.a /work/tf/installdir/lib && cp -r bazel-genfiles/* /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cp -r tensorflow/cc /work/tf/installdir/include/tensorflow/ && cp -r tensorflow/core /work/tf/installdir/include/tensorflow/ && cp -r third_party /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cp -r tensorflow/contrib/makefile/gen/protobuf/include/* /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cp -r tensorflow/contrib/makefile/downloads/eigen/Eigen /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cp -r tensorflow/contrib/makefile/downloads/eigen/unsupported /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cp -r tensorflow/contrib/makefile/downloads/eigen/signature_of_eigen3_matrix_library /work/tf/installdir/include/ && cd ${TF_ROOT}/tensorflow/tensorflow/contrib/makefile/downloads/absl && find absl/ -name '*.h' -exec cp --parents \{\} /work/tf/installdir/include/ \; && find absl/ -name '*.inc' -exec cp --parents \{\} /work/tf/installdir/include/ \; && find /work/tf/installdir/ -name "*.cc" -type f -delete && echo "Create symlinks for tensorflow libs" && ln -s /work/tf/installdir/lib/ /work/tf/installdir/lib/ && ln -s /work/tf/installdir/lib/ /work/tf/installdir/lib/' returned a non-zero code: 127
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