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# ![OTBTF](doc/images/logo.png) OTBTF
## Orfeo ToolBox meets TensorFlow
This remote module of the [Orfeo ToolBox]( provides a generic, multi purpose deep learning framework, targeting remote sensing images processing.
It contains a set of new process objects that internally invoke [Tensorflow](, and a bunch of user-oriented applications to perform deep learning with real-world remote sensing images.
Applications can be used to build OTB pipelines from Python or C++ APIs.
*Main highlights*
### Highlights
- Sampling,
- Training, supporting save/restore/import operations (a model can be trained from scratch or fine-tuned),
- Serving models with support of OTB streaming mechanism. Meaning (1) not limited by images sizes, (2) can be used as a "lego" in any OTB pipeline and preserve streaming, (3) MPI support available (use multiple processing unit to generate one single output image)
### Portfolio
Below are some screen captures of deep learning applications performed at large scale with OTBTF.
- Image to image translation (Spot-7 image --> Wikimedia Map using CGAN)
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