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# TSS lysimeter
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## Specifications
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* collect all incoming wastewater during a feeding day in a 2L bottle
* removable top plate (through which the water infiltrates)
* preferential flow prevention devices
* adjustable top plate hole size
* weighting device under the sampling bottle
* autonomous datalogger
* perforated bottom under the 2 L bottle
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## Calculation of the collection area
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The hydraulic load is $H_{load} = 0.37 m \cdot m^{-2} \cdot j^{-1}$. The radius $r$ of the collection plate to collect a daily volume of $V$ de 2 L can be calculated as follow.
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import math
H_load = 0.37 # m/m2/j
V = 2/1000 # m3
r = math.sqrt(V/H_load/math.pi)
print("The radius must be equal to {} cm.".format(math.floor(r*100)))
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