Commit c9dfca94 authored by Martinez-Carvajal German's avatar Martinez-Carvajal German
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this cleaning procedure is based on the obect

counter in FIJI.
But we won't use that pluggin anymore to compute
connected pores.

Instead, we are using the connected regions pluggin
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import tifffile
import numpy as np
file_name = '/home/german.martinez-carvajal/Desktop/COP_70MIC_gravel_75x75x75.tif'
segmentation = tifffile.imread(file_name)
file_name = "/home/german.martinez-carvajal/Desktop/Objects map of COP_70MIC_gravel_75x75x75.tif"
object_map = tifffile.imread(file_name)
object2 = (object_map == 2)
print('Object2 has {} voxels'.format(np.count_nonzero(object2)))
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