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      This is a new programm that takes as argument · 7d6c4caf
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      an image with connected pores (obtained using
      the FIJI's pluggin connected regions over the
      void's phase of a segmentation)
      and computes
      the volume of each reagion
      the min and max X,Y,Z coordinate
      the lenght of the pore in each direction (of the
       inscribing box)
      a bool saying if the pore is connected to the top
      of the sample (top = when z = 0)
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      I added a row for data correspongin tho the · 8d53a98b
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      whole sample.
      So the different zones of computation are
      Whole sample
      Deposit Layer and Gravel Layer mixed togueter ***
      Dep Layer
      Grv Layer
      *** The criterion we defined for the deposit
      and gravel layer makes that the sum of the two regions
      is smaller than the whole sample
      That is why I added the new line for the whole sample
      *** O
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      this cleaning procedure is based on the obect · c9dfca94
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      counter in FIJI.
      But we won't use that pluggin anymore to compute
      connected pores.
      Instead, we are using the connected regions pluggin
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      I am deleting this script beacuse we are not · c6037f4b
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      using the erosion_dilation method for pore
      size distribution (PSD) anymore
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      I am deleting this python script because contrast · bd682414
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      enhacement in FIJI is already well parallelized,
      so it is much faster.
      NORMALIZATION because sometimes stack based
      normalization will not work... I don't know why
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      this script is not important · b004479b
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
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      All these concatenating scripts were deleted. · d2aa5622
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      Concatenation of raw image (when you have to
      concatenate scans that had to be splitted in two
      or more parts during at the laboratory) is not as
      simple as one may think to do it based on computations
      The best way is to do it manually, and to do it
      choosing a slice that will not present noise.
      I say noise, becasie whe you do several scans of
      an object, at the beggining and at the end of the
      scan you may find an artifact like a shadow
      sweeping the image. Hopefully, this shadow
      disappears at the center of the image.
      In consequence, when you do a manual concatenation,
      pick the most inner image you can !
      Don't forget there is a script, that concatenates
      all parts once you have found the indexes of the
      slices where you want to concatenate
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      The figure of the electrical conductivity · 01ff112f
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      was enhanced as for article 2 (spatial representativity
      of Xr-CT) we decided to analyze electrical conductivity
      and not anymore the relative saturation content.
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      New script Connect CR (connected regions) !!!!! · 020c7497
      Martinez-Carvajal German authored
      Yes it sounds weird...
      FIJI will compute the connected regions (CR) but
      you may have RAM limitations. So you will have
      to split your original image in different parts.
      This split will connect this parts as long as you
      have left one slice of "recouvrement" (covering zone)
      when you splitted the original image.
      The programm deals fine with all the possibilities
      of connections due to the splitting of the image
      and will reassign new labels for every pore.
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